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Battery chargers/charging converters
Battery chargers/charging converters
Product overview
IU automatic charger 6 A
IU0U compact charger 8 A
IU0U automatic charger 10 A PFC
IU0U automatic chargers 15-45 A
IU0U automatic chargers 40-80 A
IU charging converters 8-40 A

Battery chargers/charging converters – always a full battery

Starter batteries and leisure batteries are designed for different tasks. Starter batteries, in order to start the engine, must initially supply a high current level and will then serve as an energy buffer with smaller partial cycles. Supply or leisure batteries, by contrast, are charged and discharged at lower current levels for longer periods of time, which means they are subjected to significantly higher loads. Correct charging is the key to success. With its range of PerfectCharge IU and IU0U battery chargers, WAECO offers optimum charging technology for gel, AGM and wet batteries. In each case, the consumed battery capacity should be replaced by a full battery charge. Even after longer journeys, with additional charge from the generator, the battery should immediately be connected to the power supply! Alternatively, you can use a PerfectCharge IU charging converter. These units guarantee optimal charging during the drive. How powerful a battery charger has to be depends on the battery capacity. As a rule of thumb, the charging current of the battery charger should be at least 10% of the battery capacity.


PerfectCharge IU 6 – IU automatic chargers  

Multifunctional IU-curve charger, for wet, gel and AGM batteries. 6 amps nominal charging current. Light-weight and compact, ergonomic, intelligent functions. High-grade design in aluminium/plastics.

PerfectCharge IU8
PerfectCharge IU 812 – IU0U automatic charger


The low-priced unit is designed for quick charging of 12-volt vehicle batteries, traction or supply batteries with capacity ratings up to 100 Ah. IU0U charging characteristics ensure optimal energy supply to the battery. Compact, light-weight, safe and secure, this charger is ideal for use in smaller motorhomes, yachts or caravan movers.

PerfectCharge IU812

PerfectCharge IU 1012 – IU0U automatic charger with PFC


Super-compact and designed for worldwide use: this microprocessor-controlled battery charger is great for its extra-wide input voltage range. Power Factor Correction (PFC) ensures hassle-free operation with voltages from 90 to 253 volts. Fast, gentle and full charging with IU0U charging characteristics.

PerfectCharge IU1012
PerfectCharge IU 152A to IU 802A – IU0U automatic chargers


State-of-the-art charging technology combined with perfect design and excellent user comfort are the hallmarks of the new WAECO PerfectCharge automatic chargers. Multi-stage IU0U charging characteristics ensure fast and gentle charging of all types of batteries. Double and triple chargers for simultaneous charging of several batteries. Supplied with IEC plugs to fit sockets in the whole of Europe. Features for easy installation: individually adjustable clip-on mounts, cable organiser, mounting plate. Available in various capacity ratings, for 12- and 24-volt batteries. Remote control and temperature sensor as optional extras.  


PerfectCharge IU4512
PerfectCharge DC 08 to DC 40 – charging converters and battery chargers


High-quality charging converters with electrically isolated input and output voltage. Can be used for charging the consumer battery during the drive, or as voltage stabilisers in 12-volt vehicle networks. The units supply a stable, IU-curve charging voltage – ideal for sensitive consumers. Fluctuations in the onboard power supply are compensated thanks to the electrical isolation of the input and output voltage. Available in various performance categories.


PerfectCharge DC